Bathroom Design

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Bathrooms design and install luxury Bathrooms and Wet-rooms for you.
The starting price is £3000.00.
Our company has been in the Building industry for many years and design and install bathrooms is one of our specialities. Fitting and complete all to the highest standards.

Working exclusively on one bathroom at a time. Our company completes all projects on time and provides a faultless finished result within the clients budget

You Can Have WCs and Shower Rooms Anywhere:

 It used to be a requirement of the Building Regulations for there to be a lobby between a WC and any other room. This was commonly conceived to be for reasons of hygiene and to relate to the kitchen where food is prepared.

Although it is desirable for reasons of privacy to locate WC facilities off hallways, circulation space, lobbies or the utility room, this is no longer necessary under the Building Regula­tions. It is, however, necessary for there to be a wash basin and suitable ventilation to all WCs.

You can also put a shower room anywhere that has enough space. A basic shower room need measure only 900mm wide by 1.8m (or 2.6m if it is to include a WC and basin). The cost of creating a shower room within a bedroom will be £2,500-3,000 providing the plumbing is within reasonable proximity.


Don't have room for a shower and a bath? Now you do - with these clever designs that combine both.

Turn your bath into a fully-fledged shower enclosure, with this handy shower cube.  


No space for a shower and a bath:
This smart shower bath and bath screen is a great budget option and works perfectly in small spaces.

Choose a glazed shower panel that matches the sliding door panels to let more natural light into the shower cubicle.

Floor-to-ceiling mosaics. Let mosaics covers both the walls and floor for this dramatic bathroom look. 

Tiles are the number one choice to your bathroom, but if you're covering a large area in a small bathroom, choose big ones as they'll make the space seem even bigger.

Include in an enormous mirror and good bathroom lighting to make it as light and bright as possible..

 In the tightest of spaces, open shelves are much more practical because you don't have to factor in space for opening doors and drawers..

We have over 20 years of experience in Bathroom design and installation, making us well placed and committed to provide an unrivalled bathroom experience from start to finish.

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