Luxury Storage Room

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The Loft covers the entirety of a house, so it is by far the largest room in your house. Most lofts are dangerous to move around and have become extremely dirty over the years of dust settlement.
We specialised in turning your loft into a dry storage area.

Turn that dirty old Loft Space into a safe useable area. We use only the best-treated flooring grade chipboard, which is four-sided tongue and groove. We cut the flooring to suit and screw down to the existing joists.

If you are looking to use you Loft as an extra storage room, we can help you with this.

 Our luxury storage rooms can include: the strengthening of the loft joists, flooring, lighting, access, roof insulation, stud walls, Velux windows. We can also install access doors into the eaves offering valuable storage space on both sides of the luxury storage room.

Luxury storage rooms are surprisingly affordable. Prices starts from £5999-00.

Luxury Storage Room is also idea if your Loft Space does not meet Minimum Ceiling Heights:

Although the legal minimum ceiling height has now been removed from the Building Regulations for Loft Conversion, there is still a practical minimum height and this is especially worth thinking about in attic and cellar conversions. All rooms should normally have a floor to ceiling height of at least 2.1m throughout (standard ceiling height is 2.4m). In rooms with sloping ceilings, at least 50% of the floor area should normally have a floor to ceiling height of at least 2.1m.

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