Roof Windows

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Roof Window:

Supplied and Fitted £499.00 *
Dimensions: 550x780 (more sizes available)

Fitted with flashing, we cut roof tiles and refit them.

- Made of vacuum impregnated pine wood double-coated with acrylic lacquer
- Elegant handle placed in the lower part of the sash provides ease of operation and two-step micro-opening facility
- Installed in the roofs with pitches between 20º and 65º along with flashing complemented with a wide variety of additional accessories
- 10-year warranty
- U value of window = 1.4


The FYP-V window is opened in a pivot mode but its axis of rotation is situated above the centre of the window, thanks to which even a tall person can approach the window's edge without any difficulties. The lower part of the sash fulfils the role of a top hung window and the upper one acts as an additional source of daylight.

It is the only window on the markets which after installation in the roofs with pitches between 39º and 43º satisfies the conditions of DIN 5034-1* standard, according to which the lower edge of the window should be situated 95cm and the upper one minimum 220cm above the floor level.

The sash when rotated through 0º- 45º is held up by an innovatory support mechanism which allows leaving the window open in any position within this range. Equipped with an automatic air inlet V40P supplying the optimum amount of fresh air into the room. 
Operated by means of a handle situated in the lower part of the sash providing a two-step micro-opening facility. The sash can be rotated through 160º and blocked for washing with the use of a bolt.

For more information about window sizes please contact us on: 08004488280 or 07702702719
  * Delivery surcharge applies for outside West Midlands Area
 County Coverage:- West and East Midlands, Greate London, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Hertfordshire, Cotswold, Middlesex, Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, East Sussex, Gloucestershire, Nothamptonshire.